sexta-feira, 7 de junho de 2024

With Him

Anything is possible. 🐻

In To You

"Kiss me tenderly! Your love is better than wine,"

No, it's "up" to those who have never tasted a real kiss; to those who know the Truth it's still the bar down there and below. Now both are Out of the bar, that is, in Cedar Lake. So I think they're safe, beecause that means they won't have to worry about getting In after they die.

Buying A Field In Hell

"Stardom" my ass! It's an upside down "evolution", it's only down from the cursed ground. 🆙

Just remember it wasn't Nobody who's come to cause pain; real lies, real pain. 🗿

The Lion Of The Valley

We fight for the Territory, while others want to go back to Egypt or even Sodom.

Just Keep It Simple And Do It Right

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful."

Some People Can't Be Helped

"And Jesus said unto him, Friend, wherefore art thou come? Then came they, and laid hands on Jesus and took him."

A not so theological interpretation that is widespread out there is that which "romanticizes" Judas. Did you know Jesus was calling him a "friend", an enemy of God there? He was stating He knew from the beginning, not only of his ministry but also of creation, Judas would not really believe. So when they say he could have repented, that's not true; only the chosen ones repent. He calls him a devil because of what he would do because of what he was doing because of who he was and would always be. When they say he was some political agent seeking to deliver Him into the hands of "men" so that He could use his Magic to finally deliver, set the people free from the roman empire, that's also far from being an accurate view of his intention. John writes that he was a thief, seeing his calling as an "opportunity" to search for "riches", not Wisdom. Do you really think the corrupt cares about anyone else besides himself? The condition and state of anyone who seeks his own "desire" is no Where true brotherhood exists.

How do you know you're not a child of the wicked one, when you think it's alright to be unsteady, seeking to possess "all" the world offers and obsessed with that plan, while you only pretend to be going after Her? Remembering to stand proud of your "self" and going to "church"?

You can't really know anything that way.

quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2024

Expose The Other Side

They don't know any secret and they choose to stay "defensive", finding it offensive to be told that the world is dead; that is no secret. Wake up, fools, "religion" is not going to save you. The Time has come to show the fruits, which you still don't have, so who's the one in danger now? If it's wrong to "judge" who is dead, being dead too, just imagine to do that to who is alive and feeling dead, to pose as the just and lover of Truth you are not. What did you want me to do to be "friendly" to me? Go back? You heard it right: FUCK YOU!!!


I remembered when you were mine in a different reality, which wasn't worldly at all. So why did it then run dry but the synchronicity did flow, though not as expected? Probably because of the social mission and the Car thief in School. I guess I have a crush on smooth criminals.

Her own Thing needs to be fixed and there's some job to be done, but i think I can help her.

I know about Law.

Love Hates Promises Made In The Dark

She knows no relationship has a Future there.

She's about to safeguard him from spending the rest of his life in jail.

quarta-feira, 5 de junho de 2024

Building With Diamonds

"And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

Everyone who has never gone through depression thinks of it in terms of sadness. It's not only that. Actually, there's also a severe mental pain that feels worse than any other signal sent up to the brain from somewhere else in your body. How could you not only "get around" the problem, instead get to the heart of the matter? It would be great if you could cut your head off and grow a healthy new one in place, but unfortunately that's not possible. So there must be some other Way. What if there is some other kind of Regeneration, where you discard your mind and receive a Mind to build a new one? Your brain would still be sick, but now you'd have access to the Source of Health.

You'll always hear people who at least try to interpret the Scriptures more theologically saying that God was leaving Jesus really alone at that moment. I only know that with the sadness and pain comes also a terrible feeling of loneliness. Does that mean the Connection is broken? No. Think of it as a pipe: only because the water is not coming out of the faucet, it doesn't mean that the pipe is broken somewhere between the company and your house. So maybe what Jesus was actually feeling and saying was why had God interrupted the Water supply at the Source. Daniel's companions cast into the burning furnace and leaving it unharmed is a classic example of a situation where it keeps flowing. It's not an easy task to interpret this, because He knew He would die, nevertheless also prayed asking to be saved if possible. Was He envisioning different universes, something like, "If Elise stays with Adrian, I will live; if she stays with David, I will die"?

He was subject to the Father, therefore He relied on Him to save others and Himself. I agree that there's not one who can't be blamed for what happened to Him; He was the only One born a friend and we all were a part of this world of fools at some point. The theory is that Jesus was offering Himself as a substitute, so the Connection was taken away from Him to be given to sinners who would believe. But when He said, "Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven", wasn't He implying that the Connection exists from the moment one believes? What Peter says afterwards didn't come from the Father, therefore he is rebuked for that. That is, once you get the Mind, you must keep working to get Her or else you'll find your old mind speaking again.

Peter was ready to kill, but not die for the Truth. And it's worth noting that Jesus was not exactly teaching a prophetical lesson to make him a pacifist, instead He was telling him to rely on God only. Later, when he finds himself more in tune with the Source, he kills two people with the Sword coming out of his mouth. The disturbances in nature from the sixth to ninth hour and following Jesus' death are a revelation of the damage the "human" being does to his own home when he ignores, despises and destroys the Temple. That usually doesn't scare the egocentric, until the disturbance is in that closest part of nature to himself: his own body. Because when it's about to gravely fail and cease working properly, how is he going to keep searching for the "life" he doesn't want to lose, miss?

What do you think? Did God really forsake Jesus or was it only how he felt?

I think He didn't, but I don't have a conclusion.

Stay To Treat Her RIght, Doctor

Are you going to leave the Cedar Lake and go back into the nerdmobile? You're not really supposed to relieve her false self by hiding the Good News that she'll end up teaching six-year-olds if she stays with you. Because, consciously or not, it's not "stardom" she's working for now. Don't worry, if things get hard, I bet she'll still find Life better than any other in the system. Certainly there's trouble in the Rainbow, but she's not the type who doubts, looks back and becomes the trouble.

terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2024

Let It Not In

Unless you want to be in the fake company where you won't ever experience trust.

Special Being

Once upon a Rock, you won't belong.


That's right, I'll keep my new ways.

Please the Holy One; don't waste your time telling easy to get, obvious things.

Another Desire

Will you take me closer to silver and gold to taste how "heaven" is like?

Don't expect me to be a pushover, Milton.

Power Line

I always knew it wasn't random. I was only a baby and my paper was still kind of empty, but I had a feeling you were nonetheless able to read the Good Spell in it. You walked away asking yourself what was I trying to do, didn't you? You knew my arm left resting there for a few seconds was a last chance for you to change your mind. A simple Message any girl would get, right? Well, I'm sure you couldn't help noticing the line you were reading was somehow deeply different, harder to interpret than the type you were used to. Your intuition was telling you there was Something weird, not of this world happening. Yes, I was calling you to come to another Place with me, asking you Out.

It was easy for me to leave "all" behind; the hardest thing was to let you go, off the Line, without the Means to share the priceless discoveries from the Adventure. It's not that I give up easily, it's just that it was not a matter of asking your phone number. I had to respect your decision and go on to see what the Future held for me. It was not good for this man to be alone, but it was also too late to doubt, look back and stop working; to "live" apart, possessing no Tool, outside the Present, is way worse a loneliness to bear. I gave up trying to adjust myself to fit into the wicked world for Good and I can't be "strong" like that. The distance that makes any relationship really unworkable, tasting like hell on earth, is that from the Word, not the matter.

Good Trip

"Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world."

I'm sorry, Maricella, we are destined to win; we are not a part of the whole, not from the world.

You focus on "winning" it; we've got Defense to overcome it.

segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2024

The "Science" Tree

"But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ."

There is a wise simplicity and a foolish one.

What happens when the individual thinks Religion is too complex a Subject to understand? Go to the "church" and you'll see; he leaves the job to be done by the "religious" or the "theologian". Since he's got no time to waste if he wants a good fake job in the "future", he must start right away studying some other complex matter that looks more "interesting" for involving more "wealth" and "status". That is, the problem is never really the complexity; behind the bad cheer there is the worldly analysis of what you get in return, if it's worth your effort.

Well, "religion" is a lie, likewise "science"; the true One is not complex, it is deep. It's different when you sit there in Love with the Teacher. Don't you get It? It's about Relationship, not "knowledge".

You secretly believe that that "life" of a "priest" must be really boring, don't you? Don't worry, yours is and will be too, because you're in the same boat.

Be "merciful" and "judge" him not, because you're indulging in false pleasure too. And you know that repression is not the Way, that soon you'll be also searching for the "sex", tired of waiting.

She reveals me all good things, which I compare with the "good".

That's how I know what you cannot.

domingo, 2 de junho de 2024

Too Far Gone

1. I should never have prayed wishing for a different Life.

2. I should never have listened to supernatural testimonies.

This simple recipe is enough to ruin you for what all "friends" are looking for.

So, sometimes it can be a good thing to be born with your brain already damaged, making you feel like life is a bad and sad trip. If it wasn't for that, maybe I'd be forever looking to feel "better", never having the Chance to know I lacked the Love and the Glory. And to tell the Truth, I had already been suspecting it was more than that, an evil trip. When I got to the other Side, I realized my visions were real. And it's crazy when you meet people at temples who can't see the world is wicked, who still believe in "goodness". If you don't wholeheartedly believe you need a Savior to reconnect you to the Source and show you Good, you're in danger. It's easy to tell when a "christian" doesn't have the Holy Ghost; he not only can't see the Kingdom, but he also sees the world and its situation as not that bad. Like, the Scriptures say flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom, but maybe there's a chance after death, after ignoring the Word to the end, to purge yourself and go to Heaven, right? I wouldn't trust that "hope".

Sem Graça Não Tem Graça

São poucas vagas para a Rave no Monte Rei, Stella.


I'll give you a Pen and take you to my Castle far away.

"Quanto Você Tem No Banco?"

Três malucos reais.


What's your theory about how I was able to remain persistent in believing I needed not the system?

Once you find Wisdom, you find More than the silver that's in their hands.

Didymus Thomas

Acabei de fazer uma descoberta extraordinária acessando meu backup dos blogs de 2014/15. Em 2011, a pedido do meu irmão, que trabalha em editora, passei uma correção de uma revisora do papel para o arquivo no computador. Era uma biografia sobre um jornalista chamado Dídimo. É lógico que eu já fiquei interessado em encontrar algum segredo e fui direto à página 47, como havia feito com a Ventura poucos meses antes. Após a primeira postagem que escrevi hoje, uma memória quase apagada da minha mente ressurgiu levemente. Então voltei aos meus arquivos em busca de alguma dica que fosse útil para recuperá-la, e encontrei. Agora as peças nesse quebra cabeça estão no lugar certo. No megamix na minha cabeça, eu confundi a profissão de uma menina que sentou do meu lado em 2013 com a de 2011. A de 2013 era formada em odontologia, e também viajava com destino a Macaé; a de 18/11/2011 falou 'farmácia'.

Como eu pude esquecer isso? Eu assisti Os Agentes do Destino pela primeira vez em 2013, e somente em 2014 eu seria conduzido até Eclesiástico 6. Ou seja, aquela foi uma sincronicidade ainda mais impressionante do que eu me lembrava.

Menina, eu li na sua cara que você acreditou em mim, que não me achou um megalomaníaco...

Unremitting Enquiry

"I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"

Since "christians" don't really ask, they'd answer, "Of course you will Genie, we are 2 billion christians in the world". Exactly, in the world; the real Thing takes you Out of it.

Would the Father send Jesus foreknowing that no one would believe in Him? No. What if He knew about only one who would believe? In this case, He would still send Him. If you were the only Faithful one in your generation, what would you do? Stand fast in the LINK or swap the real Connection, the illusory loneliness for the whole world and its "bond" and real forsakenness? Abandonment is a choice; you can choose to stop caring about every "thing" the unbeliever treasures to have ONE, or give in to weakness and leave Truth and yourself to be experienced only when you find someone else willing to come with you. Then, if your "life" becomes a horror movie, you should remember it was your choice to stay where evil dwells, resides, and "think" you your "self" were the most capable in the world of knowing about your own "happiness". However, to believe that seeking Truth is a waste of time is to be really alone and miserable, from beginning to end.

Do you have many "reasons" to stay? I'd go back only to rescue the ones who no longer have any.

There ain't no Good to be found.

Pure Science

The flesh that is not made by, of Word not only remains empty, it rots. Most people don't realize it's a temptation when you are offered not only drugs that can derange your mind and damage your brain, but also those that promise to fix your problem. I'm not calling doctors drug dealers, still they could be; it all depends on whether they themselves trust the matter, a substance, or the Mind who created it. Pharmacy and medicine are a work-around, a temporary fix that can be useful while you're working for the Solution. Any "thing" beyond that is a "religion". It's not hard to find out there the words that prove me right, from people "hoping" that it evolves and may be able to find a solution even to death.

Feed the hunger.

Fill the safes in the house with Wealth.

(I knew I had already heard that word somewhere else besides the "church" LOL)

sábado, 1 de junho de 2024

The Cheer Is Up There

"I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:"

Out of the Desireless city.

The Freak In Way

Is it unbearably "hot" and not really cool there? I've gotten the Solution.

Get in the Car, honey; let's have some Fun in my Place.

The Fallen Star Ritual

Do you want some Answer? Leave the "game" and the "party".

Get into School and join the mutants at their Table.

When You Live To Get Her

I like the Way your true self plays. ♦️💿

Saving Ingrid

Alô, cientista secular! A questão não é o que há no robô, é o que falta no "humano"; falta Deus, resolve preencher o vazio com o demônio, fica mais "confiável" ainda. E quando consegue perturbar o juízo dos que não têm Lei, se sente "poderoso", um "sucesso", com uma "razão" a mais para confiar na mentira. Ele não precisa ter consciência de que segue o capitão da Alba para ser de fato seu seguidor, nem de que faz sua vontade para ser de fato seu escravo e não livre realmente como "pensa".